How to Breakthrough Your Fears to Start Your New Business

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Hi QueenB's. Welcome to our first blog article! I'm Bonnie, CEO of Queen. B.

Which stage are you in for your business development right now? You could be hustling at the beginning of your creation, or just in the middle of figuring out what kind of business you could build with your own hands.

No matter which stage you are in, there is a number one obstacle that creeps in from time to time. That's right. It's fear. Fear can appear in different forms. Fear of taking risks, fear of failing, fear of succeeding. And I will be honest with you. This guy will stay as long as it wants, until you face it and call it out.

Now, let's get into the topic. And I will start with sharing with you my own story.

What if I told you that I was actually hesitant before starting my first company?⁣

How I Started My Business

When I started out my business, it wasn’t the easiest decision and it took up all the courage that I ever had. But this very action has marked the beginning of all the present & future possibilities for me. It was absolutely a life changing moment. 🙌🏻⁣ ⁣

Years of teaching (I'm a vocal coach and recording singer for Disney!) had me realize what my passion is. I’m a strong believer of taking matters in my own hands. I’d turn them into solutions,