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Join date: May 26, 2020


So excited to be here!

Ive been on a bit of a journey...i set up my first business, a ladies clay shooting club 9 years ago which i still own and have a manager for. My club won 10 awards and changed a male dominated industry. About 3 years ago I fell out of love with it and my Dad died, so i massively revaluated what i wanted and i wrote #1 bestselling book called ”MAKE IT HAPPEN” and i started coaching small biz owners.

Then, this Feb i took a massive step outside of my comfort zone and got a job in finance as a marketing manager in London! I’m all about the growth and the lessons and my job is goving me both.

im now so ready to start another business and my plan is to create an awesome membership community around my book ♥️

Victoria Knowles-Lacks

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